Prospectus 2022: MA in Muslim Cultures


About The Event

The program at AKU-ISMC provides expert insight and understanding of Muslim cultures and civilizations, both contemporaneously and historically. Our program develops the skills to engage critically with challenges facing Muslim societies. Our teaching is student-centered and our academics seek to enhance student learning through a diverse approach that applies a framework of world cultures, humanities and social sciences to Muslim contexts.

The MA in Muslim Cultures can be studied on a part-time basis. Part-time students take between 6 and 9 credits each semester. One MA course is normally equal to 3 credits, so this means part-time students take either 2 or 3 courses per semester. They must complete their degree within 6 years to be awarded the MA in Muslim Cultures. Only applicants who already hold the right to study in the UK can be considered for part-time study on the MA. Students opting for part-time study pay tuition fees based on the number of credits they choose to study each semester.

Source: The Aga Khan University

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