Religion and Culture in Conflict and Peace


About The Event

Date: June 20-21, 2018

Venue: The University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5FT, UK

Organized by: The Centre of Religion Reconciliation and Peace

A quick review of contemporary global events confirms that religion and culture are still important factors in violent struggles and conflicts around the world. Religious and cultural factors often play a dual role in as far as they are part of the problem as well as part of the solution.

This inaugural international conference provides a unique opportunity to stimulate critical investigation into all aspects of the role of religion and culture in conflict and peacebuilding. It includes contributions from academics and practitioners.

The conference has the explicit aim of seeking to contribute positively to peace building and conflict transformation by addressing some of the most complex and pressing challenges we face in the world today.

Key speakers include Mohammed Abu-nimer and Susan Hayward. As well as some fascinating papers looking at conflicts from around the world, we have also built in a history walk of the City of Winchester.

Conference Program

– Simplism, collaboration, and intrastate religious peacemaking (Nigeria)
– The role of religious diplomacy in countering extremism and conflict
– Croatia War Journalism: how the mediatisation of conflict fuels Islamophobia and sectarianism
– Trauma-informed peacebuilding and transformative faith identities in Bosnia & Herzegovina
– Continuous traumatic stress as precipitant of recurrent violence: CTS as alternative route for understanding trauma and aggression in Nigeria’s community violence
– Majority-minority dynamic in religion, conflict and peace building: the case of Muslims in Sri Lanka
– The Challenges of Inequality and Artificial Intelligence: What role for Religion and Culture in Mitigating Future Conflict?
– Rule of Law Programming in Conflict-affected States: The Connect with Legal Pluralism and Gender Justice in Somalia
– Feminist theology in post-conflict societies: the rise of feminist theology in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Iran
– Safeguarding the Stranger: An Abrahamic Theology and Ethic of Protective Hospitality Jayme R. Reaves, Independent Scholar
– The changing relationship between British Muslims and Religious Authority
– Of small numbers, state violence and social rage in Nigeria: some anthropological reflections
– Religion and Peacebuilding in Myanmar; An analysis of three case studies
– Culture, politics and religion: Christian extremism and counter-extremism in apartheid South Africa
– Corruption in post-war institution building: Evidence from Kosovo
– Fatwa Wars: Terrorism and the Retrieval of Normativity in the Edicts of Contemporary Sunni Jurists

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The University of Winchester

The University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5FT, UK

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