“Rethinking Islamism beyond jihadi violence: Fighting ideas leaving the sword aside”


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Deadline: August 30, 2020

For several years Islamism has been associated with jihadism and violent extremism both in academia and in contemporary political debates. However, this association can be misleading: Islamism has much deeper roots than jihadi terrorism and it stands as a powerful and complex ideology inspiring thoughts, actions and groups all over the world.

Given that terrorists are only a small and definite portion of Islamists, this volume aims to re-focus research on Islamism beyond jihadism by collecting relevant contributions on Islamist but non-violent organizations.

More precisely, this volume seeks original contributions investigating the following issues:

• The origins of Islamism and the differences with jihadism

• The evolution of Islamism over time and places

• The role played by non-jihadist Islamist organizations in different national contexts and their appeal

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“Rethinking Islamism beyond jihadi violence: Fighting ideas leaving the sword aside”

Website https://vernonpress.com/proposal/119/ff6850dfdb52f97ac5535e160707583e

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