Romanization and Islamization in the Western Mediterranean


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IV Intensive Summer Course

Date: July 19-23, 2021

Venue: Casa Árabe, Córdoba, Spain

Experts from multiple international and national academic institutions would lead a selected group of students through the exciting history of the romanization and islamization of the Western Meditenarrean over the course of a week. The courses would be taught in English.

The fourth edition of this summer intensive course, taught in English, is hosted and organized by Casa Árabe, the Center for Comparative Empire and Transcultural Studies (RomanIslam) and the University of Hamburg – In collaboration with Junta de Andalucía and the Archeological Complex of Medina Azahara, under the leadership of Sabine Panzram (University of Hamburg) and Alejandro García-Sanjuán (University of Huelva) – would take place from Monday, July 19th to Thursday, July 22nd in Casa Árabe Córdoba´s head office, with the exception of the class of July 23rd that would take place in the Umayyad palatine city of Medina Azahara.

The course would be concluded with two archeological workshops, Tuesday and Thursday in the morning, and a visit to the Archeological Complex of Medina Azahara. The course is planned to have a length of 34h during school days in a schedule of Monday-Friday from 9 to 19:30.

Course brochure is available HERE.

More information on: Casa Árabe

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Casa Árabe

Casa Árabe, Córdoba, Spain

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