Summer Courses on Shi‘a Studies

Summer Courses on Shi‘a Studies

About The Event

Date: July 15 – 30, 2018

Venue: Qom, Iran

Organized by: Al-Hikmah Institute of Al-Mustafa International University

Al-hikmah Institute of Al-Mustafa International University organizes a summer program for Shi‘a studies. This program provides a format for introducing and discussing Shi‘a history, thoughts, beliefs, demography, Shi‘a governments, education system, branches and denominations, as well as ideological roots of Islamic revolution in Iran.

This program is intended for students and researchers who are interested in Islamic studies, Shi‘a studies, Iranian studies, eastern studies and Middle Eastern studies. It provides practical instruction and guidance not only for students, but also for anyone who wants to learn Islam and Shi‘a.

The program will include a sightseeing of the most important cities like Qom, Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan and Yazd for those who are interested.

Themes and Topics

  • Shi‘a; Definitions and Denominations
  • History of Shi‘a
  • Shi‘a Hadith
  • Specialties of Shi‘a Theology and Fiqh
  • Shi‘a Governments During History
  • Shi‘a Imams; Identity and Life
  • History of Shi‘a Education (Hawza Elmiyah)
  • Theory of Wilayat Faqih and Thoughts Imam Khomeini

Target group

The course is open for foreign people who hold or engage in Bachelor Degree or higher educational level. The course is highly recommended for advanced MA Students and PhD-Students in Religious Studies (Scientific Study of Religion), History of Religions, Islamic studies, Shi‘a Studies, Area Studies (Oriental Studies, Islamic Studies, East Asian Studies, Central Asian Studies, South Asian Studies, Iranian Studies), Theologies, Philosophy, Sociology of Religions.

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Qom, Iran

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