The 13th International Conference of Mahdaviat Doctrine


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The Era of Presence in the Abrahamic Religions

Call for Papers

Date:  May 10-11, 2017

Venue: Bright Future Institute (BFI), No. 27, Alley 25, Safaeiyeh Street, Qom, Iran

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 20, 2016

The era of Advent, the era of human flourishing and the world, the era of the great ideals of the prophets and apostles, and last ring of the eternal struggle between truth and falsehood and the oppressed and the oppressors and is the ultimate triumph of truth and the oppressed. Belief in achieving this state for human will be a source of hope and encouragement for involvement. Certainly, it can be the subject of extensive study to refine them and answer the questions related to its evidence.

Moreover, research can play an important role in outlining the parameters that a Waiting community has to obtain. Research about The Era of Presence can be done with both traditional and analytic approach, analytical approach being reflected on less. Thus, the Bright Future Institute (Institute of Mahdaviat) dedicated the theme of the Thirteenth International Conference of Mahdaviat Doctrine to this topic to help open up a new chapter in front of the research for researchers and thinkers.

  • The First Theme: Islam

I. World Government of Imam Mahdi

  1. The role of world government in historical movement of God’s messengers
  2. The principles and purposes of global governance
  3. The characteristics of global governance
  4. The governance method of Imam Mahdi (The educational, political, judicial aspects, etc.)
  5. The status of followers of religions and opponents in global governance
  6. The achievements of the government of Imam Mahdi (religious, educational, political, economic, social, scientific aspects, etc.)
  7. Recurrence and persistence of global governance

II. The Events of the Era of Emergence

  1. The importance of the events of Emergence and its functions
  2. The course of events before Emergence
  3. The era of miracles and divine intervention
  4. Challenges and Discords in era of Emergence (Satan, the Antichrist, etc.)
  5. War and destruction in the era of Emergence
  6. The return of some pure souls elect from the past to help his Emergence
  7. Return of Jesus Christ
  8. Facing Imam Mahdi with peoples (Persians, Arabs and Jews)
  9. Hadith about Imam Mahdi (methodology, verifying the sources, validation, comparative analysis, etc.)
  • The Second Theme: Judaism and Christianity
  1. Image of Christian and Jewish apocalypse in the Bible
  2. Different sects of Jews, Christians, and the era of emergence
  3. The process of studies in Jewish and Christian apocalyptic prophecies
  • The Third Theme: Comparative Studies
  1. The Prophet Jesus and apocalypse in relation to Jewish and Islamic views
  2. Comparing the Kingdom of God in Christianity and the Rule of the Righteous on Islam
  3. Compare the prophecies about the era of Emergence in the Abrahamic religions
  4. Reviewing the ideas of Western thinkers in the comparative study of religion
  5. Comparative study of descriptions or recommendations and the apocalyptic prophecies
  • The Fourth Theme: Functions and Defects
  1. Prediction of socio-political developments of the era of Emergence
  2. The role of social movements in the apocalyptic prophecies in the formation of neo-religion in Jewish, Christian and Islamic communities
  3. Defects of apocalyptic prophecies
  4. The functions of the era of Emergence in the Abrahamic religions
  5. The science of futurology and the apocalyptic prophecies of religions

Those interested should submit the abstract along CV written in English or Arabic by 20 November 2016.


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Bright Future Institute (BFI)

Bright Future Institute (BFI), No. 27, Alley 25, Safaeiyeh Street, Qom, Iran

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