The Balzan Seminar on the formation, maintenance, and failure of states in the Muslim world before 1800


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Call for Participants

Submission Deadline:  January 31, 2020

To advanced graduate students, postdocs, and holders of tenure-track positions working on relevant topics. We are seeking to bring together an internationally recruited group of eight to ten early-career scholars working on topics related to the formation, maintenance, and failure of states in the various regions of the Muslim world prior to 1800.  We would also like to include in the group two early-career scholars working on similar topics in the non-Muslim world.

The project will last for five years, and is funded by the generosity of the Balzan Foundation. In the first two years the group will meet twice on its own, and in the last three it will convene up to five conferences to which other scholars, including more senior ones, will also be invited. The first meeting will be in late June or early July of 2020 at a location yet to be determined. The project will issue in the publication of a volume the core of which will be studies written by members of the group. The regular language of the group will be English, and basic expenses of the participants (including travel and accommodation) will be funded. More details are available here, and preliminary inquiries can be addressed to Antoine Borrut ( or Michael Cook (

Members of the group in good standing will receive an annual research fund of $2,000 for the five years of the project. This can be used for relevant expenses including books and travel (other than travel to the meetings and conferences, which is already covered).

Applications to join the group should be submitted by January 31, 2020.  Your application should consist of a CV, a cover letter setting out your interests and fields of expertise, two writing samples (papers or chapters, published or unpublished), and contact information for two referees.


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The Balzan Seminar on the formation, maintenance, and failure of states in the Muslim world before 1800


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