The Cairo Edition of the Qurʾān 1924; Texts, Histories & Challenges


About The Event

Conference of the IDEO in Cairo

Call for Papers

Date: October 16-17, 2021

Venue: Cairo, Egypt

Proposal Submission Deadline: May 15, 2021

This conference offers an historical reflection on the Cairo edition of the Qurʾān made under the authority of al-Azhar committee in 1924 and also known as the “King Fuʾād’s edition”. This edition, which will celebrate its hundred’s anniversary in three years’ time, was preceded by several other editions, in Egypt and other places. It is of utmost importance in modern and contemporary Islamic societies, and in Qurʾānic studies since the second half of the twentieth century, especially in manuscript studies.

More than a religious phenomenon for Muslims alone, the Cairo edition is rooted in the particular political and civilizational context of the early 20ᵗʰ century. Thus, the advent of the Cairo edition bears a significance that goes beyond the sphere of belief and takes an important place in the history of Islamic civilization, including: the history of institutions, material history, history of religious thought and history of Islamic studies.

Topics of the conference

This conference will be in preparation of a second conference in three years’ time on the occasion of the centenary of the Cairo edition, welcomes papers in Arabic, French, or English that propose a reflection on the following topics:

1) Printing in the Muslim world at the turn of the 20ᵗʰ century
2) The history of institutions
3) The history of Qurʾānic studies
4) The production of muṣḥafs
5) Devotional practices

More information on: Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies

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Cairo, Egypt

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