The Central Asian Roots of Islamic Intellectual Traditions


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Date: February 24 – 26, 2021

Venue: Aga Khan Centre, London, UK

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 30, 2020

This conference will explore the Central Asian roots of Islamic intellectual traditions by focusing on the origins of the doctrinal, ritual, intellectual and theological aspects which have emerged from this region and have had a decisive influence on how Islam further developed and flourished.

The conference will investigate the dominant Sunni traditions in the region, as well as those of major Shi’i groups such as the Twelver Shi’a and the Ismailis. It will also cover other religious movements which have had historical or doctrinal affiliation with the Shi’i and Sunni Muslims, including various movements such as the Karramiyya, Malamatiyya and others. The influence of key scholars and theologians will be examined as well as the ideas, practices and traditions of the peoples of Central Asia.

The following themes will be explored during the conference:

• the role of various Islamic groups in the Islamization of Central Asia
• the contributions of Central Asian intellectuals to the formation of key philosophical and theological debates
• the Central Asian roots of Muslim rituals, including those which are specific only to this region
• the contribution of Central Asian intellectuals to the formation of Islamic law
• the spread and development of forms of Shiʿi Islam in the region
• intellectual interactions between the various Shiʿi and non-Shiʿi groups in the region
• Sufism in Central Asia
• interactions between Muslim and non-Muslim local traditions in Central Asia
• museumology, art and material culture in the newly-emerged states of Central Asia

Source: The Institute of Ismaili Studies

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Aga Khan Centre

Aga Khan Centre, London, UK

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