The Centre for the Study of Islam’s new series of online events


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CSI Monday Majlis: The Centre for the Study of Islam’s new series of online events

Date: October 4, 2021 – November 1, 2021

Venue: Online

The Centre for the Study of Islam (at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies here in Exeter) is pleased to announce its new series of online events, the Monday Majlis.

The first 4 majalis are linked below – 4 more will be advertised in late October.  All members of the Islamic Studies -community are welcome to attend – pre-registration is required.

The CSI Monday Majlis is a Monday evening, online event, where invited speakers present on aspects of their current research.  This may be a book they have recently published, a new project they are working on, or an exciting new potential avenue of Islamic studies research.

• 4th October: Professor Ahmed El Shamsy (Chicago University) spoke about his recent publication Rediscovering the Islamic Classics: How editors and Print Culture Transformed an Intellectual Tradition (Princeton, 2020).

• 18th October: Dr Nizamuddin Ahmed (Honorary Research Fellow) studies with us passages from Ibn ʿArabī’s Fuū al-ikam – this is the first of two sessions led by Dr Ahmed. This will be an Arabic texts reading session.

• 25th October: Dr Arezoo Azad (University of Oxford) will speak about the Sacred Landscapes of Medieval Afghanistan, and he project on the Afghan document collection (the so-called Afghan geniza).

• 1st November: Dr Bianka Speidl (Budapest) will talk about her new book Islam as Power: Shii Revivalism in the Oeuvre of Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah (Routledge 2020).

Source: University of Exeter

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Our Speakers

Dr Arezoo Azad
Dr Bianka Speidl
Dr Nizamuddin Ahmed
Professor Ahmed El Shamsy
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