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Journal Forum Islamic Theological Studies (FITS)

Publisher: Nomos Publishing House

Manuscript Submission Deadline: March 1st and October 1st


The Journal Forum Islamic Theological Studies (FITS) is an international and interdisciplinary journal whose objective is to promote academic discourse and the conceptualization of Islamic theology and religious education, particularly in the European context. Cross-denominational, multi-perspective and dialogue-oriented, it wants to stimulate debates in the various sub-disciplines of Islamic theology as well as on religious-sociological and religious-pedagogical topics that relate to ‘Islam’ and Muslims and – in the spirit of a forum – offer space.

Submissions of scientific articles (max. 60,000 characters including spaces), reviews (max. 8,500 characters including spaces) or conference reports (max. 13,000 characters including spaces) are possible in German and English. Submitted contributions go through a peer review process based on the principle of mutual anonymity (double-blind).

Contributions can be submitted on the following subject areas:

− Koran studies and Koran exegesis
− Hadith studies
− Sufism
− Islamic norms (Fiqh)
− Islamic ethics
− Islamic philosophy
− Systematic-discursive theology (Kalam)
− Islamic religious education
− Religious-sociological analyzes of Muslims in Europe
− Islam and plurality, Islam in Europe
− Interreligious research
− Historical analyzes of Islamic scholars and concepts
− Contributions to current discourses on Islam and Muslims in Europe

We cordially invite you to submit contributions on the topics mentioned. The journal is published twice a year. Contributions can be submitted until March 1st and October 1st .

More information on: The Forum Islamic Theological Studies

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Journal Forum Islamic Theological Studies

Baden-Baden, Germany

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