The Quran: Why is it a miracle?


About The Event

A One Day Course

Date: March 31, 2018 @ 9.00 am – 6.30 pm

Venue: London & Online

Organizer: The Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR)

A one-day special course to discover:

– How the Quran itself testifies to its divine authorship?

– Where in the chapters of its parables and histories you can find irrefutable proof for God’s creation of the Quran’s words? We’re ready.

We’ll be using the much lauded book of Shaykh Dr Abdullah Draz (The Quran: An Eternal Challenge) to better understand how to enter into dialogue about the authenticity of this Holy Book – the truly complete word of God. You will be taught by none other than the translator of Draz’s course text, Shaykh Adil Salahi. A renowned author in his own right (Muhammad: Man and Prophet), Shaykh Salahi will offer you evidence for the miracle of the Quran based on its style, structure and unity of subject matter.

The Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR) is a pioneering educational organization. IIDR aspires to make Islamic knowledge and thought relevant for our time and space. IIDR organizes intensive courses, seminars, lecture tours and conferences; publishes research and focuses on syllabi development and producing educational materials and resources.


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The Islamic Institute for Development & Research & Online

The Islamic Institute for Development & Research, London, UK

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