Three New Positions in Islamic Studies at Cambridge Muslim College

Three New Positions in Islamic Studies at Cambridge Muslim College

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Application Deadline: August 19, 2016

CMC is delighted to announce the recruiting for three new positions as part of the recently launched Four-Year Program in Islamic Studies. Applications from scholars in Islamic Studies to apply are invited in this positions:

One of the College’s aims is to help build on the existing strengths of British Muslims to produce stronger, and more dynamic communities and institutions. To this end, we are working with Ebrahim College in London in order to enhance and diversify our academic and pastoral strengths. Some of these postholders will have responsibilities at Ebrahim College.

Ebrahim College was established in 2003 as a Darul Uloom-style seminary appropriate for the modern world. The aim was to benefit from the rigor and credibility of the traditional Darul Uloom and, where it was deemed beneficial, to merge it with the best in modern curriculum development, pedagogy, technology and research.

Cambridge Muslim College and Ebrahim College seek to appoint an outstanding candidate to the post of Professor of Islamic Studies. This appointment is supported by the Aziz Foundation as part of the Muslim Leadership Development Program (MLDP), developed with both colleges and other partners.  The vision of the program is to facilitate the development of exceptional individuals and leaders who are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate and lead their peers and communities through the dynamic challenges of modern society and who are also able to engage and build bridges with wider society and contribute to the common good of Britain as a whole. To achieve this aim, the program supports the creation of a space for genuine dialogue and exchange between the Islamic sciences and the social sciences and humanities which will have applications in the intellectual and socio-cultural context of modern British society.

Source: Cambridge Muslim College

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