Workshop “Islamic Digital Humanities in the Field: On Methods and Ethics”

Workshop “Islamic Digital Humanities in the Field: On Methods and Ethics”

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Workshop “Islamic Digital Humanities in the Field: On Methods and Ethics”

Date: September 29, 2021

Venue: Online (via Zoom)

Hosted by: Prof. Scott Reese (University of Hamburg)

The Digital Humanities have emerged as an integral element of research in Islamic Studies particularly as a method of uncovering and preserving new knowledge. Numerous libraries and collections have made digital versions of Medieval and Pre-modern manuscripts and books available related to all fields of Islamic knowledge.

While digital methods are a growing part of our research toolbox, for many academics, digitization in the field is truly terra incognita. How do you begin? What are the skills needed? What are the social, political, and ethical hurdles one can expect to encounter?

This brief workshop engages all of these issues and will be conducted in two parts. Introduction of field digitization: The first half will serve as an introduction to the field providing an outline of the basic equipment and techniques needed to put together a mobile digital suite. Walid Mourad, Field Director for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, of the Hill Museum and Manuscripts Library (HMML) will present an overview of the various technical and practical aspects of developing and using a mobile digital suite ranging from equipment choice, to object selection and preparation to the collection of metadata.

Ethical Questions and Local Contexts: The second half will be devoted to a conversation regarding the various challenges and issues those working in the field encounter when undertaking digital humanities projects outside the academic setting. Jody Butterworth and Scott Reese will discuss some of the issues they have encountered as practitioners in the field. These range from issues of ownership, concerns regarding the distinction between “public” and “private” and navigating both national and local bureaucracy. The presenters will be joined by Oman Fathurahman (Center for the Study of Islam and Society, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta) and Annabel Gallop (British Library). Both have close ties with EAP and DREAMSEA and will be able to share their views and insight facing digital collections within a maritime South East Asian context.

More information on: Islamicate Digital Humanities Network

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Online (via Zoom)


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