Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers


Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers

Islam’s Non-Believers, a new film by the award-winning film-maker Deeyah Khan, was aired on 13 October 2016 on ITV Exposure at 10:40-11:40pm London time.

The (Negative) film is the first in depth documentary following the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and investigating the lives of young women and men in Britain who face threats, ostracization, discrimination and even violence for leaving Islam.

It also highlights the heinous violence faced by ex-Muslims in countries under Islamic rules (including the death penalty in 13 countries); draws attention to the role respected “community leaders” play in encouraging discrimination and violence; and makes important links between the transnational Islamist movement in Britain and internationally. Moreover, the film reveals the extent of non-believers amongst Muslims and the international nature of the ex-Muslim resistance movement.

Within this documentary there has been a trend of born Muslims from South-Asian backgrounds who have left the Faith due to mainly emotional and cultural reasons and feel a sense of loneliness since they are seen as outcasts; not being viewed the same by the very parents that raised them.

Source: ITV Hub


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