France targets the hijab again while denying ‘Islamophobia’ exists


France targets the hijab again while denying ‘Islamophobia’ exists

A dizzying array of anti-Muslim policies is now becoming a regular feature of French politics. The French parliament is set to ban Muslim women from attending their children’s school trips while wearing the hijab, a symbol it sees as a threat to all the things the Republic stands for. Passed earlier this week, as part of the “Separatist Bill”, which is making its way through parliament, the amendment could see another hurdle placed in Muslim women’s lives and their participation in society and even their children’s education.

The French state, perhaps naturally, doesn’t quite see it that way. It believes that in stigmatising the hijab from all areas of public life, it will liberate Muslim women from Islam. “Muslim women are simultaneously oppressed and submissive, but also threatening to the French status quo, both as a result of their Muslimness,” says Dr Amina Easat-Daas from De Montfort University speaking to TRT World.

In her book “Muslim Women’s Political Participation in France and Belgium,” East-Daas found that Muslim women in France faced deliberate hurdles in participating in politics, often due to their religious affiliations.

Source: TRT World

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