French Muslim leader: Coronavirus is a chance for solidarity, not ‘punishment’


French Muslim leader: Coronavirus is a chance for solidarity, not ‘punishment’

French Muslims are experiencing the coronavirus crisis amid fear, dreading the loss of family members. Mosques and other places of worship have closed.

In France, the Grand Great Mosque of Paris and its new rector, Chems Eddine Hafiz, did not wait to set an example for the other 4,000 mosques and places of worship in France. He took the initiative and had the courage to call on all Muslims in France to pray at home to avoid the spread of the virus, citing Qurʼānic verses and prophetic hadiths in his press release. In the latter, he calls on Muslims to be careful and supportive along with their fellow citizens to fight this virus which is threatening the lives of all citizens.

Some imams close to the Muslim Brotherhood have criticized the rector’s decision to cancel prayers and close mosques because the virus had not yet spread widely. Events have proven the correctness of the rector’s decision to listen to President Emmanuel Macron from the start of the crisis.

Most imams see this virus as a divine test for all humanity, including Muslims, to return to the path of righteousness.


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