German Journalist Reverts to Islam on `Eid


German Journalist Reverts to Islam on `Eid

Famous German journalist Martin Lejeune has announced his reversion to Islam, pronouncing shahada, the declaration of faith, in front of hundreds of Muslims.

Muslim worshippers performing `Eid Al-Fitr prayers early Tuesday, July 5, at Arresala mosque in Berlin were surprised when famous German journalist Martin Lejeune came forward to announce his reversion to Islam, pronouncing shahada in front of hundreds of Muslims.

Pronouncing the shahada, or declaration of faith, Lejeune was congratulated by Muslim worshippers.

The imam of Arresala mosque in Berlin also praised Lejeune efforts, congratulating him on finding the true path of Islam.

Born in 1980, Lejeune is a famous German freelance journalist and war correspondent.

He is known for his criticism of Israel and for his reporting on the Syrian Civil War. He also covered the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict remotely.

German Muslims celebrated on Tuesday `Eid Al-Fitr which crowns the holy fasting month of Ramadan.


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