Hartford Foundation’s Faith Community Program


Hartford Foundation’s Faith Community Program

A collaboration between Hartford Seminary’s Black Ministries Program (BMP) and My People Community Services is among the first grantees in the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s Faith Community Grant program.

The foundation announced on June 15, 2021, that the proposed collaboration, a program called Faithful Healing: Training Ministers, Pastors, Imams, and Chaplains to Address the Trauma of Racial Injustice and COVID-19, will receive a $14,000 award.

Established in 1982, BMP offers a two-year, certificate program. It has prepared more than 1000 clergy and laity to be effective advocates for their urban congregations and communities.

BMP will collaborate with My People Community Services (MPCS). Founded in 2014, MPCS is a mission-driven, community-based social service agency that supports, empowers, and rebuilds the lives of individuals and families it serves. Its staff of diverse and culturally competent professionals includes social workers, marriage and family therapists, fatherhood engagement support staff, and parent educators.

The goal of Faithful Healing is to enable pastors, ministers, imams, chaplains and our lay leaders to heal their congregations and to provide relief to those in emotional pain. A holistic training and personalized mentoring program will provide the skills to uplift congregations through the difficult years to come. Through this grant, clergy can assist with individual cases by providing access to free therapeutic services.

The grant will provide training, mentoring, and counseling to religious leaders and community members. Faithful Healing will comprise three main components: extensive training for Hartford clergy, chaplains and religious leadership; post-training, professional mentorship for program participants; and psychological counseling for those most in distress.

Source: Hartford Seminary

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