IRIC Statement on the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

IRIC Statement in Solidarity with the People of Gaza

IRIC Statement on the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza


26 October 2023

These days, the world is witnessing the most severe and inhumane attacks carried out by the Israeli military against the oppressed people of Palestine. These attacks have had devastating consequences in the region and the whole world, resulting in the tragic loss of lives of children, women and men of all ages, mass displacement of innocent people.

Over the past few days, the escalation of attacks on residential areas, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, and medical facilities in Gaza has caused a wave of fear and displacement among the vulnerable Palestinian population. These are the people who have experienced illegal occupation of their homes for more than 70 years with humiliation, oppression and act of apartheid by the Zionist regime. As mentioned by the Secretary General of the United Nations and the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, the roots of the existing problem need to be taken into consideration when dealing with the causes of recent incidents. The Israeli regime’s targeting of medical centers not only violates international laws and rules that prohibit attacks on civilian infrastructure but also exposes its disregard for international conventions, causing deep concern among Muslims worldwide and all advocates of human rights.

We express our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to all nations who value justice and respect for human rights, particularly the oppressed people of Palestine.

We call upon the international community, and especially religious organizations (Muslims, Jews and Christians), to take positive steps towards peaceful coexistence and to take immediate action to halt these atrocities and protect the lives of innocent Palestinian people.

Violation of the religious ethical rules, as well as international law, even at the time of war has to be strongly condemned. It is not only the lives of innocent human beings that is perished, but the horrendous damage is inflicted on dignity and glory of religion itself, that these atrocities are being committed under its name.

Finally, we ask Almighty God and pray to Him to hasten the return and reappearance of the Promised Savior of all true religions in order to bring peace, justice and tranquility to the whole world.


Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC)


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