Italy’s first Islamic burial place planned for Rome


Italy’s first Islamic burial place planned for Rome

Italy’s first Islamic cemetery may soon be built on a green space in Tragliatella, a few kilometers north of Rome. The burial place — to be built on a 400 hectare area near the border between Fiumicino, close to the international airport, and the city of Bracciano —  will be the first cemetery dedicated to Muslims in a country where Islam is the second-largest religion.

Bachcu Dhuumcatu, president of the Dhuumcatu Bengali community association in Rome, told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the cemetery could hold up to 16,000 plots. “We will call it the ‘Garden of Peace’,” he said. “The cemetery will allow second and third-generation Muslims living in Italy to avoid going through what we are forced to, facing a situation that became even more difficult with the coronavirus pandemic.” A Qur’anic school, sports center and space for halal slaughter have also been proposed for the site.

Source: Arab News

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