Journal of Islamic Ethics (JIE), Volume 2 (2018)


Journal of Islamic Ethics (JIE), Volume 2 (2018)

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Mohammed Ghaly

Publisher: Brill

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) announces the publishing of the second volume of its “Journal of Islamic Ethics” (JIE) in collaboration with BRILL.

Over the last decade, the academic discipline of Islamic Studies has been witnessing an “ethical turn”. Which is expected to carve new spaces for ethics in the study of Islam both as a Scripture-based tradition (“Text”) and as a living reality (“Context”).

Studies on Islamic ethics that move back and forth between the “Text” and “Context” and those of an interdisciplinary character in general seem to have great academic potential. One can simply think of the plethora of ethical challenges posed by modern sciences and technologies that await rigorous ethical examination and analysis from a rich ethical tradition like Islam.

Against this background, and due to the urgent need to re-approach the Islamic tradition and its overall system (Sharia), the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) finds it extremely crucial for researchers in various filed to work together and produce innovate research that will help in this process. Hence, CILE, in collaboration with Brill have created an academic podium that can accommodate the prospective research output in Islamic Ethics under the name: Journal of Islamic Ethics.

The Journal of Islamic Ethics is a full Open Access journal that focuses on the ethical approaches embedded in Islamic philosophy, theology, mysticism and jurisprudence as well as Islamic civilization in general – and their intersection with applied fields like Arts, Bioethics, Economics, Education, Environment, Gender, Media, Methodology, Migration & Human Rights, Politics and Psychology.

The Journal is open to all voices, regardless of their specific positions or backgrounds, with a keen interest in making seminal contributions to the fields listed above.

Source: CILE

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