Largest American Muslim Convention at the Capital

Largest American Muslim Convention at the Capital

Largest American Muslim Convention at the Capital

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) held its 44th ICNA-MAS Annual Convention at a new location in Washington D.C. past weekend. More than 24,000 people attended the event at the massive Walter Washington Convention Center, making it the largest American Muslim convention. Nearly 400 volunteers and organizers supported by similar number of staff from various organizations ensured that the event ran smoothly providing a great experience to the attendees.

A record 150 speakers from various backgrounds and specialties spoke at the event whose theme was “Healing Humanity: Lessons from Islam ”. A remarkable aspect of the 125 sessions was the breadth of topics they covered. From personal spirituality to homeschooling and college admissions, and from Islamophobia in America to the worsening situation of Muslims in India and China, the Convention covered a very wide range of subjects, of concern to Muslims striving to live by Islam at the individual and collective levels. The programs held the balance in acknowledging the serious challenges of the community, while maintaining a very positive and forward looking atmosphere.

ICNA Sisters, the women’s division of ICNA, organized many sessions for women and also for Muslim Children of North America (MCNA). Over 40 languages are spoken by the attendees making this the most diverse Muslim event in the country. Parallel sessions were also held in Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Somali, Malayalam, Bengali, Urdu and Indonesian languages. Also organized were many different programs for children of all ages as well as a parallel session for teens and youth.

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