London hosts first Muslim Charities Convention

London hosts first Muslim Charities Convention

London hosts first Muslim Charities Convention

First Muslim Charities Convention celebrates the achievements of £700 million Muslim charity sector as regulator praises contribution to civil society.

Seeking to empower each other for a lasting impact, Muslim charities from the UK came together in London, 12 October.

London hosts first Muslim Charities Convention
The all-day event, held in London, consisted of key discussion panels and break-out sessions covering a range of topics including Pioneering Women featuring Baroness Bennett, UK Domestic Priorities and Volunteering, Safeguarding, Charity Investment and Trust and Foundation funding.

The Muslim Charities Convention, the first event of its kind in the UK, was the culmination of four months of hard work by Muslim Charities Forum (MCF), the national umbrella forum from British Muslim charities, supported by ten key event partners. It brought together 300 delegates, 40 speakers, 12 facilitators and 26 exhibitors for a day of learning, networking, capacity building, problem solving and collaboration.

The theme was ‘The blessings of the collective’, emphasizing the huge potential of Muslim charities to work together to expand their work and increase their impact in cooperation with others. The program included nine workshops on a wide range of topics, from safeguarding to cybersecurity, and from fundraising to crisis management.

London hosts first Muslim Charities Convention
The blessings of the collective is on full display at our first ever Muslim Charities Convention, 2023. With their lovely attendees networking, their incredible speakers igniting inspiration, sharing their expertise, and empowering them all to make a difference.

The UK’s Muslim-led charity sector now comprises over 450 organizations working for social good, both domestically and internationally, with a combined annual income of over £700 million. This was mapped in detail for the first time last year in MCF’s ‘Bridges of Hope’ report.

London hosts first Muslim Charities Convention
“Muslim charities and those inspired by the Muslim faith have made a vast contribution to the well-being of our country for generations,” said Orlando Fraser KC, who has chaired the charity regulator since 2022 and was a keynote speaker at the convention.

Charity is a central pillar in the Islamic faith and deeply entrenched into the Muslim way of life. Islamic Shari`ah encourages generosity and charity.

A February 2023 report by the London-based think tank, the Ayaan Institute, proved that British Muslims are among the most generous religious groups, giving at least £1bn a year to charity.

Source: Muslim Charities Forum (MCF)

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