Manchester Journal of Transnational Islamic Law and Practice (MJTILP)


Manchester Journal of Transnational Islamic Law and Practice (MJTILP)

Volume 16, Issue 1, 2020

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Ahmad Ghouri, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, University of Sussex, UK

Publisher: Ltd

MJTILP is a peer reviewed journal and can be accessed on HeinOnline. The journal welcomes submission of articles that meet its objectives for consideration with a view to publication. The journal comprises of three sections: (1) Articles, (2) Recent Developments, and (3) Book Reviews. The normal word length for articles is between 5000-8000 words (10000 including footnotes). The journal also welcomes shorter contributions (between 2000 to 3000 words) for its ‘Recent Developments’ section.

The MJTILP is not restricted to any specific field of law and aims to cover a wide range of subjects relevant to Islamic law and practice. Topics of particular interest include: transnational forms of Islamic law; constitutional developments, law reform and application of international law in the Muslim world; application of Shariah in Muslim or non-Muslim States; accommodation of Muslims in non-Muslim State; comparative practices of Muslim majority States; and intersections between Islamic law and international law or other religious and secular legal systems.

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