Muslim charity helps Italy deal with crisis


Muslim charity helps Italy deal with crisis

Muslim communities in Italy have been praised for their generosity during the coronavirus crisis after donating more than €500000 in cash and food aid since the outbreak began more than two months ago.

Italy’s death toll so far is approaching 31,000, with almost half the fatalities occurring in Lombardy, the northern region considered the country’s powerhouse because of the key role it plays in the national economy.

But with the whole country feeling the pinch after the two-month lockdown, local media have highlighted Muslims’ generosity, especially during Ramadan.

Muslim communities and Islamic centers around Italy have worked hard to deliver food packages and aid to needy families during the crisis.

“Every single day we provide food deliveries everywhere to families who struggle to make ends meet. This is our charitable contribution,” Yassine Lafram, president of the Union of the Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII), told Avvenire, the Italian Episcopal Conference newspaper.

“Muslims are citizens and workers with families. They share the economic hardship that all Italian families are experiencing. Even though Muslims are also facing difficulties, there have been generous donations from the community,” he added. On a national level, aid offered since the end of February by Muslim organizations has exceeded €500,000.

Funds have been donated to municipal administrations, the Red Cross, volunteer associations, and directly to hospitals on the frontline, mainly in the north of Italy. But the generosity extends beyond cash donations.

Source: Arab News

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