Muslim scholar offers his COVID-19 vaccine for free by UN


Muslim scholar offers his COVID-19 vaccine for free by UN

Professor of Immunology at University of Mainz, Germany Ugur Sahin offered his COVID-19 vaccine for free access under the auspices of the United Nations.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with IRNA, Sahin stressed compliance with commitments to the contract with Pfizer pharmaceutical company. He called for UN cooperation for free access of the poor countries to COVID-19 vaccines.

Sahin and his wife Özlem Türeci who is the Chief Medical Officer of BioNTech started working on COVID19 vaccine and after one year in cooperation with Pfizer pharmaceutical company, they could produce a vaccine whose clinical trials were approved

The vaccine made by the company named BNT162b2 is the first vaccine which received permit in the UK. He, a Muslim himself, noted that due to the outbreak of coronavirus, he is trying to help either the Muslim or the non-Muslim countries.

The Turkish scientist Ugur Sahin has been working on Development and Clinical Testing of mRNA-based Cancer Vaccines that are tailored to the Mutation Profile of a Cancer Patient. He received Mustafa Prize in 2019.

Source: IRNA

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