Muslim World League Secretary-General meets Italian Interior Minister

Muslim World League Secretary-General meets Italian Interior Minister

Muslim World League Secretary-General meets Italian Interior Minister

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, (a Saudi sponsored organization which is under hard European critics on supporting Wahhabism and Daesh), discussed with Italian Interior Minister Marco Minetti several topics of mutual concern. They discussed citizenship and positive integration, as well as the promotion of the concept of religious freedom guaranteed by the law, besides the freedom to practice rituals, where Islam is recognized as a culture.

Dr. Al-Issa and his delegation visited the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior in Rome, where Minetti spoke of the important role played by the association in combatting extremism and unifying the Muslim communities while encouraging them to move towards moderation. The association has called on all followers of various cultures and religions, especially Islam, to respect the Constitution and the laws and culture of the country they reside in while carrying out their Islamic rituals, in accordance with the guarantees, and the constitutional and legal rights of each country.

He hoped that the secretary-general’s visit to Italy would achieve the goals of serving the humanity, especially after his meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican City. Dr. Al-Issa thanked the minister for his interest in the Muslim World League, stressing that one of its objectives was to promote the positive integration of the Muslim communities in their societies and encourage them to respect the citizenship charter, which they had accepted, by spreading awareness messages during conferences, seminars and meetings across the globe, thus affirming that Islam was the religion of truth and loyalty.

Dr. Al-Issa also held a meeting with Maria Yurato, Director of Religious Affairs in the Italian Government.

During the meeting, they discussed several issues of mutual concern. The two sides also discussed the legal status of several Islamic activities in Italy, and the co-operation between the association and the ministry to unify the Muslim community and improve its representation in the Italian government and civil institutions. The secretary-general thanked the Association of Italian Exhibitions for providing the required facilities for a dialogue, hospitality and appreciation, especially in the light of the association’s renewed vision.

Source: Thomson Reuters

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