Muslim student at Melbourne school forced to watch offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Muslim student at Melbourne school forced to watch offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

In a fresh provocation to Australian Muslim community, a Melbourne school has been accused of forcing a Muslim student to watch an offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The video was one of a series of examples on “hybridized media” and its effects on social media.

“My daughter also tried to express her discomfort at the video but unfortunately the teacher didn’t care and continued to play the video, forcing my child to view that content. This has aggravated my child and my family’s sentiments in a painful manner and has put us in a painful psychological and mental trauma.

We as Muslims cannot tolerate anything against our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).” the father wrote in a Facebook post.

The father demanded an apology from the school as well as an explanation for why the cartoon was necessary.

Criticizing the school, the Islamic Council of Victoria said in a statement that members of the Muslim community in Melbourne were “extremely upset” by the incident.

Meeting with the Education Department and the school, the Council said they received a promise to no longer use the material.

“As Australians, we believe that it is very reasonable to expect that the material taught in our schools does not seriously offend members of different communities and is cognizant of Australia’s multi-faith and multi-cultural diversity,” the Council said.

In the meantime, a spokesperson for the Victorian Department of Education said a review of the incident was under way.

“The Department is reviewing this incident. Once the review is complete, the Department will decide whether any extra advice should be provided to schools in relation to similar sensitive issues. Full support is being provided to any student that has been affected.”


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