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About Sultan of Khorasan

In this video, Berak Hussain recites a poem about Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Imam of Twelver Shias and a descendant of the prophet Muhammad(PBUH). She describes his legacy, his life, his scientific debates, his status among Shia followers, and his enemies. She also expresses her emotions when visiting his holy shrine in Mashhad, Iran, which is the largest mosque in the world. The poem is a tribute to Imam Reza, who was known for his piety and Divine knowledge.

Her poem is as follows:

“Born in the holiest of cities in Medina

In the house of Imam Mousa Al Kazim

The 8th after the 7th of the Divine’s shari’a

Ali the name of the highest

For what better name of Ali to name

Yes we are the biased


Son of the Star Najmah

A former slave of the Berber

Of Highest nobility and thought

A woman scholar, do not be bought

That our faith of these women has not


Al Reza, Abal Hassan Al Thani

Meaning pleased with whatever’s given from Al’ali

Not satisfied with more to give in His name

That is a challenge we all must face do not be blamed


Struggle he did with the patience of the pious

At a time of Al-Mamoon and his defiance

For we know that all of those against Muhammad

Were always of black heart and double-faced, insane of envy and mad

In the face of purity and honour

They always fall with disgrace which is so proper


So let me tell you about Ali Reza and his legacy

At a time of jealous evil and hypocrisy

He knew the little pawns of the Abbasid and Umayyads

Don’t be fooled by his quiet stance and abstinence


Lessons for us today as we see the game played

In politics with religion strayed

Al Saud from Mu’awiya

Keep letting Satan rule over you thinking you’re the rightful Messiah


Threatened by the pureness of Ale Muhammad

Al Ma’moon Challenging Al Reza?

Yam’owad bring it on

In the courts of philosophers, scientists, and astronomers such a yawn


For even by their own books and tongue

Al Reza slashed them all one by one


One need not say I am the rightful one

When all of your proof is at the tip of your tongue

Al Reza your debates slammed the highest of them all

They plan yet not realizing He is the best of Planners

Embarrassed and shamed with the slap of truth

What could he do but point so astute?


Off to Khorasan banished

To silence the followers to vanish

As the Crown Prince to quell the impending rebellion

Not knowing he has created his own Hellion

As the lovers grew in numbers

All of a result of Al Ma’moon’s blunder

Turning the black flags back to the original green

Just as in the days of the truth as seen

Games twisted to raise Al Reza

As he was already raised by the rightful A’ala


Fatima Ma’sooma soon to follow

Not being able to part the heart so hollow

With her brother’s lead

Teaching more to the steep

Alhamdulillah by far their love embedded in the true hearts

Of the muwaleen forever

As evident in the golden domes and highest of minarets

Of the 7 courts of the fountains and the heavens


In Mashhad do our eyes witness

The glory of Ali Al Reza

Sending our salaams so far with our hands

Wishing to be standing under those domes with our Hussaini brand


Ya Ghareeb Toos, oh King of Khorasaan,

Sultan of Khorasan

Peace be upon the blessed day of your birth and land

From hearts with tears to be close to the scented Zareeh of your promised land

Asalamu A’laika Oh Pleased One, Al Reza. of Ale Muhamad of Khorasan”

Cast and Crew


Berak Hussain

Poet & Narrator


Sayed Mostafa Sayed Rezazadeh




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