A Critique of ISIS’s Brutal Thought


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Mohammad Meghdad Amiri
Amir Mohsen Hadian
Fatemeh Taromi rad
Islamic Research and Information Center (IRIC)

The rampage caused by radicalized groups in Southwest Asia and their atrocities have affected millions of people, most of the victims being Muslims. Therefore, a pamphlet concerning their brutal mayhems’ origins and its flawed notional framework has been penned by IRIC. Hope you find it helpful in addressing misperceptions and clarifying some facts.


One of the factors prohibiting the spread of divine teachings is the conceptual distortion of religious teachings, namely their misinterpretations. For example, as we see in Surah “The Women” (Al-Nisaa): 46 “those who displace the words and phrases, from their points of articulation”, the Quran already warns of this peril. In Islamic traditions likewise, regarding the contemporary Kharijites’ conceptual falsification of the statement, “There is no command and judgement except the one which belongs to God” (لا حکم الا لله), Ali ibn Abi-Talib (pbuh & hp 1) declared that: “It is a right word by which a wrong conception is meant.” (Nahj Al-Balaghah, Fayz Al-Islam, sermon40)

As we move further it is noticed that it was in the time of Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahhab that killing of other Muslims, based on accusations of disbelief, hypocrisy and polytheism, became prevalent. Today all Takfiri groups such as ISIS trace their intellectual origins back to Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, following his doctrines they wantonly and notoriously kill innocent Muslims; in fact, they regard killing of Muslims as a permissible (Halal) act. With the intensive propaganda and by hindering the true understandings and interpretations of verses of Quran and traditions, Takfiri groups such as ISIS, encourage oblivious groups of Sunnis, who are not aware of the Takfiris’ dull nature, to kill other Muslims as well.

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