Deconstruction of Waiting

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About Deconstruction of Waiting

Waiting can be treated in its multifarious forms and shapes, such as waiting in prisons, camps, and hospitals, or waiting in the midst of bureaucratic procedures resulting in delay of justice. In today’s advanced, globalized age, the near omission of ‘waiting’ by making things ‘instant’ and ‘ready-made’. The other aspects of waiting include the ‘expectancy’ of mothers, or waiting to ‘create’ or waiting to ‘destroy’, waiting for medical tests, death, and the like can have a definitive impact on the ‘eternal waiting’. How subsequent potential of waiting for the Promised Return paves the way for Justice and how can all forms of waiting be directed to the most positive aspect of waiting: Waiting for Imam Mahdi(a.s.).

About the Speaker

Sarah Syed Kazmi, Senior Research Fellow at Area Study Centre for Europe, University of Karachi, Pakistan.

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Sarah Syed Kazmi




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