Do we all not feel lonely at times?

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Abbas like almost anyone else who’s lived and been living on our planet feels lonely at times, and that sounds shocking a bit knowing he is from a very extended family having a lot of siblings, which indicates feeling alone isn’t about the number of people whom you are surrounded by but about that someone whom you can share your thoughts, concerns, and secrets with, the one who reads your laughter in your gentle smile, knows what you have in back your mind, rushes to help before you even know and ask for it and feels your sorrow in slightest frowning of yours, the story of abbas’s life is probably in many ways pretty much like anyone else’s but there is a difference, and that’s what he tries to share with everyone. He gets to know someone whom he’s known his entire childhood but through a book, it becomes an unimaginable precious piece of awareness a book which becomes his life turning point and that someone who feels his heart with warmth, love, and support, becomes his best friend in his life journey, he believes a divine person does not belong to an individual but all those who believe in him, talk to him, know he accepts them and likes them unconditionally and ask him for help knowing he is always there, and Abbas believes from the deepest part of his heart that now’s the time to raise awareness so that everyone gets to know him and tries to connect with him, and it can begin like all other communications we have always established, with a simple “Hello”.

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Abbas Morshedzadeh, a 34 year old English teacher who’s been teaching for over 12 years and a couple of times has been an education manager. He has experience working in a magazine as an editor and as a technical expert in a Medical device company as well.

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