Imam Ali’s Cure for the 21st Century

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About Imam Ali’s Cure for the 21st Century

Do you want to know how to live like a legend in any situation in this world? Do you want to learn from the best role model after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? Do you want to discover the secret that made Imam Ali (as) rise above this world and its temptations? Then you need to watch this video and learn about Zuhd! Zuhd is the ultimate gift from Allah (SWT) that will make you free from the shackles of this world and its illusions. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the wisdom of Amir al-Muminin (as) and transform your life with Zuhd!

What is amazing about the character of Amir al-Mu’minin (as), commander of the faithful, is that you find him in any state that he was in, he shows you how to live.
Whether he was marginalized or he was in power, only Ali after the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) shows you how to deal with this world.
How does Imam Ali (as) teach us how to deal with this world? You find that the Imam gives us the answer in a three-letter word in Arabic. This word is the secret of Ali ibn Abi Talib and the world of him. This word in Arabic is Zuhd. Many of us, don’t have a proper understanding of what Zuhd means. Zuhd is the greatest gift Allah (SWT) can give to the human being. If Allah truly loves one of His servants and wants to give him all the goodness, Allah (SWT) makes him indifferent to this world. But what does it mean to be indifferent to this world?

An excerpt from a speech by Sayed Mohammed Baqir al-Qazwini

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Sayed Mohammad Baqir al-Qazwini



Sayed Mostafa Sayed Rezazadeh

Editor & Director

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