The Decoration of Her Father’s Head

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About The Decoration of Her Father’s Head

The Decoration of her Father’s Head
Zeenat al-Ab
Ya Zainab

How on the day you were born decorating the heavens
And began your role to the youth of the heavens

A shadow by your brothers
The Sun Hussain and the Moon Al Abbas
A dotting sister whose love surpassed her heart

A lady in her strength we forget
As the modern ones today beget
That the ones from the past
Are no longer part of our fast

A woman from her time they say
Is not important in this day
A woman from that time
I say Is the most important one in this day

Feminism, pessimism …spare me the sarcasm and isms
For this woman was feminine glory in all that is holy

For the daughter of Fatima and Ali
Can be nothing but from the Wali

Grand daughter to Khadija and Mohammad
Glorified in her name, her sacredness and her blood

And so
Who do I look up to as a woman
Who do I look up to as a leader
Who do I look up to for strength
Who do I look up to for a voice
For if not the grand daughter and daughter the greatest Ladies

Then I am lost
Just as those who cling to the false
The false women of today
The pseudo rights of the day
For I have my rights from way back in the day

And say what you may
And I know the way

Zainab you are my way
My lady of night and day
My lady of light
My lady of rights
Zainab you glorify the heights

And with your voice you shook the foundation
The very land of trials & calamity
Karbun Wa Bala’
Teaching us how a woman
Saves an entire faith with one octave of her voice

Crashing down the shame of men
With a wave of her one hand
Her patience is exemplary
Her strength is extraordinary
Her pain is put aside
Saying to the enemy

I see nothing but beauty
Beauty in Him
Faith in Him
Strength in Him
Love in Him

Beauty of her Father’s Head
The Decoration of her Father’s Head
Zeenat al-Ab
Ya Zainab, Ya Zainab, Ya Zainab!
Labaiki Ya Zainab! Labaiki Ya Zainab!

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Cast and Crew


Berak Hussain

Poet & Narrator


Sayed Hossein Sayed Rezazadeh




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