Quran Stands by American Islamic Outreach Foundation


Quran Stands by American Islamic Outreach Foundation

American Islamic Outreach Foundation are pleased to announce that the Quran stand Project is going full force. They have 26 Qurans Stands in and around Charlotte. Each stand is equipped with free information about Islam. Free Qurans in both English and Spanish along with multiple brochures on various subjects. They are also working towards in getting their brochures translated in Spanish.

Over 2,000 Qurans in the month of August alone have been used to replenish the stands. This project has benefited American Islamic Outreach Foundation by being able to reach the public in and around the Carolina’s. They have been able to help and educate members of all faiths. Dawah is greatly needed in these times. They help educate and to dispel any misconceptions about Islam and hope to install Quran stands in all Charlotte Muslim businesses and all the Masjids.

Source: American Islamic Outreach Foundation

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