Quran Stands

Quran Stands

Quran Stands

American Islamic Outreach has been working with local Muslim Business to set up Quran Kiosks/Stands. People can get a Free Quran in English and Spanish, Free Islamic Literature or request for additional information.

American Islamic Outreach has set a target to install 60 stands in and around Charlotte. They have 10 in the final stages of completion and will be in stores this week! They are also working towards in getting their brochures translated in Spanish. This has benefited American Islamic Outreach Foundation by being able to reach the public in and around the Carolina’s. Dawah is greatly needed in these times to help educate and to dispel any misconceptions about Islam.

American Islamic Outreach Foundation (AIOF) was formed in July 2012 in the city of Charlotte NC as a Non-Profit Organization and serves to inform, educate, and dispel misconceptions about the Islamic Faith through outreach programs and community service.

Source: American Islamic Outreach’s Facebook

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