Reflecting the problems of American Muslim families in a series


Reflecting the problems of American Muslim families in a series

According to Shia News, the third season of the “Ramy” series, which was released on the Hulu network, will last for two weeks. A series starring, directed and written by Ramy Youssef, an American-Egyptian artist who won the Golden Globe Award and was nominated for the Emmy Award.

The story of the Ramy series is about an Arab-speaking family living in New Jersey, America, who is struggling with the problems of most immigrant Muslim families in this country. The efforts of this family to preserve their religious and cultural identity and on the other hand to adapt to the American culture shape the adventures of the series.

The third season of the series deals with the challenges of the life of immigrants in America, trying to create emotional relationships in a foreign country, as well as the relationship of immigrant parents with their dual citizenship children. In this season, Ramy is a confused immigrant who is lost in worldly desires and is trying to recover his religious identity.

The most important issue that is addressed in the third season and emphasized in the last two seasons of the series is the identity crisis that Ramy is facing. He is looking for his Arab identity in America and feels confused. In the meantime, Ramy deals with the most important issue of the Arab world, that is, the relations between the Arab countries and the Zionist regime.

In the second part of this season, Ramy travels from New Jersey to Jerusalem, where he learns about the lives of Palestinians under the dark shadow of occupation. Ramy sees how the Zionists stop the Arab speakers at their checkpoints and prevent their movement. He is also familiar with the thick wall that separates Palestinians and Israelis.

At the end of this Al Jazeera report, it is stated: “The Westerners’ view of Muslims and Arab speakers as extremists and terrorists had cast a shadow on the lives of Muslim immigrants for years, but now we see how Muslim and Arabic speaking actors find their way to Hollywood and by winning the most prestigious The World Film Awards take strong steps against the westerners’ belief about Muslims. This was the path that started with Egyptian-American actor Ramy Malek. He is an Emmy, Oscar and Golden Globe winner and played the role of Freddie Mercury – a famous British singer – in the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Now, Ramy Youssef has convinced an American company to make a series about the life of Arabic-speaking immigrants in several seasons, and he himself will appear in the series as a writer, director and actor.

Source: Shia News

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