Routledge Handbook of Islam in the West


Routledge Handbook of Islam in the West


Edited by Roberto Tottoli

Publisher: Routledge

Publication Date: February 22, 2022 (2nd Ed.)

ISBN: 9780367211783

With new topics and contributions, this updated second edition discusses the history and contemporary presence of Islam in Europe and America. The book debates the relevance and multi-faceted participation of Muslims in the dynamics of Western societies, challenging the changing perception on both sides.

Collating over thirty chapters, written by experts from around the world, the volume presents a wide range of perspectives. Case studies from the Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula between the Middle Ages and the modern age are setting off the Handbook, along with an outline of Muslims in America up to the twentieth century. The second part covers concepts around new conditions in terms of consolidating identities, the emergence of new Muslim actors, the appearance of institutions and institutional attitudes, the effects of Islamic presence on the arts and landscapes of the West, and, the relational dynamics like ethics and gender.

Exploring the influence of Islam, particularly its impact on society, culture and politics, this interdisciplinary volume is a key resource for policymakers, academics and students interested in the history of Islam, religion and the contemporary relationship between Islam and the West.

About Author

Roberto Tottoli is a professor of Islamic studies at the Universita di Napoli L’Orientale, Italy. His fields of interest are early Islamic traditions and literature and the Qur’an in European history. His recent publications include Islam: An Advanced Introduction (Routledge, 2021).

Source: Routledge

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