Second Executive Council Meeting of The World Federation (Shia Khoja)


Second Executive Council Meeting of The World Federation (Shia Khoja)

The World Federation’s Second Executive Council Meeting of the term 2017-2020 started on Friday 23 February 2018 with an opening and welcome ceremony followed by an evening of Real Talk with the community.

Dr Munir Datoo, the President of Hujjat, welcomed the delegation and spoke about London being the birthplace of WF. He spoke about how he and his team have taken into account the findings of the WF Project North Star last year. He says it’s important we all work together. He spoke about how Hujjat are working to replicate the housing projects from Africa Federation and India Federation. They will inshAllah be announcing this soon alongside a medicine subsidy scheme.

Dr Akbar Mohamedali, the President of CoEJ, addressed the delegation next starting with remembering Marhum Mulla Asghar and Marhum Hassan Jaffer. He covered some of the current work being done by CoEJ, including the Mulla Asghar Memorial Tournament, the European Hajj Mission and the inaugural Racket Sports Tournament. He spoke about the plans to roll out housing schemes across Europe and further developing the Youth Development programs. He spoke about how each region faces different challenges and one if the UK’s is Islamophobia. However, the Visit my Mosque day recently was a positive step in combating that. It is important to take part in interfaith events, build relationships and spread the message of Ahlulbayt (as)…


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