Shiane Haidery Islamic Association (SHIA)

Shiane Haidery Islamic Association (SHIA)

Shiane Haidery Islamic Association (SHIA)

Shiane Haidery Islamic Association (SHIA) was founded in Montreal in 1973 by settlers from Indo-Pakistan. It received its incorporation as a religious and charitable organization under the Religious Act of Quebec in 1976, initially named Shiane Haidery International Association. The name was later changed to Shiane Haidery Islamic Association in 1997. The institution is also commonly referred to by its abbreviated name, “S.H.I.A.,” such as SHIA mosque and SHIA Imam-bargah.

The current premises, known as the “Haidery Centre,” was purchased in 1982. The building houses a mosque, an Imam-bargah, and a school. It consists of three floors, encompassing an approximate working area of 12,000 square feet, and includes a separate parking lot in front of the building.



The Association was established to serve the Shia community of Montreal, a role it has fulfilled successfully for nearly 50 years. Its mission is to spread the message of the Ahl al-Bayt while contributing through volunteering and cooperative efforts within the Montreal Muslim community.



The Shiane Haidery Islamic Association actively serves the spiritual, educational, and social needs of the Shia community through its mosque, Imam-bargah, and school.

  • In the mosque:

– Weekly Rhythms: Friday prayers and Thursday night gatherings for prayers and dhikr.
– Ramadan Rituals: Daily prayers, Qur’an recitations, and special observances on the night of Qadr.
– Eid Celebrations: Prayers for Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha.
– Funeral prayers

  • In the Imam-bargah:

– Cultural Commemorations: Majalis and Milad events to honor significant figures in Islamm including Muharram majalis and Eid-i Ghadeer Khumm celebration.
– Spiritual Gatherings: Majalis-i Sawab for communal spiritual reward.
– Youth Programs: Tailored programs for young people in multiple languages.
– Women’s Programs: Special events for women on notable occasions.

  • At the Haidery Centre:

– Life Milestones: Conducting matrimonial ceremonies and funeral arrangements.
– Membership Meetings: Regular meetings, fundraising, and social events.

  • In the school:

– Sunday School: Religious and Quranic education for children, supplemented with practical skills training.





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