Social Wilayah Summer Retreat


Social Wilayah Summer Retreat

The Kawthar Learning Circle (KLC) held its Social Wilayah Summer Retreat from 3-6 August 2018 at the Cap-Saint-Jacques regional park in Montreal, Canada. The Social Wilayah Summer Retreat has become a yearly tradition among the KLC family, as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of social wilayah between students and to bolster their commitment to the pursuit of godly knowledge. The KLC community was blessed with the presence of its respected teachers and noble role models Shaykh Dr Shomali and Dr Heydarpour.

The retreat site consisted of a brothers’ wing and sisters’ wing, each with its own facilities, which joined at a central hall where the lectures, discussions and congregational prayers were held. The surrounding forest provided an atmosphere of natural beauty and spirituality, which allowed attendees to disconnect from their outside lives so that they could direct the entirety of their mind and spirit towards self-development and acquiring godly knowledge.

Attendees came from numerous cities, such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Vancouver, Houston and many more.

Source: Islam Today Magazine

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