Special Issue: Shia Muslims in Great Britain


Special Issue: Shia Muslims in Great Britain

A Special Issue of Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life

Volume 13, Issue 3, October 2019

Editors: Oliver Scharbrodt, Reza Gholami, and Sufyan Abid Dogra

Publisher: Springer


Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life is the first peer-reviewed socio-scientific journal focused on Muslim life which closes the existing gap within the range of journals focusing on Islam. It focuses on contemporary issues of Islam, providing an international forum of discussion. It Is multidisciplinary and multicultural. The Editor-in-Chief is Ronald Lukens-Bull.


In this issue:

– Editorial
Oliver Scharbrodt, Reza Gholami, Sufyan Abid DograPages

– Integration, class and secularism: the marginalization of Shia identities in the UK Iranian diaspora
Reza Gholami, Annabelle Sreberny

– Fragmented realities: the ‘sectarianisation’ of space among Iraqi Shias in London
Emanuelle Degli Esposti

– A minority within a minority?: the complexity and multilocality of transnational Twelver Shia networks in Britain
Oliver Scharbrodt

– Living a piety-led life beyond Muharram: becoming or being a South Asian Shia Muslim in the UK
Sufyan Abid Dogra

– Twelver Shia in Edinburgh: marking Muharram, mourning Husayn
Fayaz S. Alibhai

– Being a young British Iraqi Shii in London: exploring diasporic cultural and religious identities between Britain and Iraq
Zahra Ali


Source: Springer

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