The Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam (IUR)


The Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam (IUR)

Since 1997, the IUR has been founded as a result of initiatives taken by Muslims living in the Netherlands. Since then, the IUR is established as a Dutch University and more importantly as an intellectual contribution of Muslims to the Dutch society.

There has been a general agreement among the founders, being responsible citizens, as regards to the IUR as a social necessity for Muslims and non-Muslims in the Dutch society. There are currently more than 900.000 Muslims living in the Netherlands. With a view to fulfil the social and religious needs of the Muslims, the University contributes with respect to imams and moral guides in the Dutch educational field.

Through academic education and research, the IUR aims to contribute to the concretization of the following anthological synthesis: “Live as a Muslim and as a responsible citizen of the Dutch society.”

For the University to embark on a journey of continuous learning and improvement and thus making a clear and a stimulating course of development. The University is expected to fulfil its vision, by offering quality academic and professional programs that ensures a commitment to and a mastery of lifelong learning skills as well as encouraging a spirit of critical enquiry.

The IUR is a learning organization of life long learners. It will be a center of educational excellence, which provides academic education (both Bachelor and Master training), disseminating knowledge to society, contributing to the improvement of human life.


• Bachelor Islamic Theology NL

• Master Islamic Spiritual Care NL
The Master’s program starts every academic year in September. The master’s degree is awarded upon successful completion of both the course requirements and a Master’s thesis. The curriculum consists of core theory courses (70 EC), capita selecta (5 EC), practical trainings and supervision (20 EC), an applied research course (5 EC) and a research project of the Master’s thesis (20 EC). The requirements should take two years of full-time study. Students who have to complete a pre master preparatory program will need more time, which will depend on the extra requirements to be fulfilled.

• English Master Degree Islamic Spiritual Care (ENG)
The Master program Islamic Spiritual Cares is a pioneering program we offer in the Netherlands at the Islamic University of Rotterdam. Especially those who are engaged in Islamic Spiritual Care serving in the public or private sector, or those who want to deepen their training as well as their understanding of how to guide and professionally aid from the Islamic faith, those who are in need of assistance. Students learn to integrate the theory and practice of spirituality and professional guidance in ways that are meaningful to Muslim life. The program offers a thorough understanding of the consciousness reflected in outward life, where our curriculum supports this desired outcome.

IUR Press Publications

IUR Press has been founded to publish academic researches as books, journals and bulletins on Islam in contemporary context, with the aim of elaborating ethical and intellectual principles of Islam from authentic Islamic perspectives. IUR Press is a multidisciplinary institution which its staff uses a wide range of skills and knowledge of the economy, politics, history and culture of the Islamic world.


  • Address: Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam, Bergsingel 135, 3037 GC Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 (10) 4854721 – +31 (10) 4843147
  • Website:

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