The need for a Muslim TV Channel


The need for a Muslim TV Channel

Muslim Network is the only channel through which America can discover its Muslim neighbors. By bringing a variety of Muslim voices to the fore, this channel will fill in a gap in the national media landscape.

There are about six million Muslims in America who serve their neighbors on a daily basis, but America does not know this. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, nearly 10% of all physicians saving lives in New York are Muslims, including Dr. Uzma Syed–the Chair of the New York COVID-19 Task Force, who spends 16 hours a day saving lives across three hospitals, all while also being a wife and the mother of two young children.

Does America know this? No. Whose fault is it? It’s our fault–the fault of the American Muslim community. While we’ve been busy enjoying the American dream, we have not been telling our story. This must change.

We believe America deserves to know these stories. While building bridges of understanding among neighbors, Muslim Network will also provide a platform of conversation among Muslims. Muslim Network is available via traditional satellite in addition to Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku. It also streams live on YouTube, Facebook, and on its website: Muslim Network is owned and operated by Sound Vision Foundation. Views expressed are those of hosts and guests, not those of Sound Vision Foundation.

Source: Muslim Network TV

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