The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology


The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology


Edited by Sabine Schmidtke

Publisher: Oxford University Press (March 31, 2016)

Oxford Handbooks Series

Within the field of Islamic Studies, scientific research of Muslim theology is a comparatively young discipline. Much progress has been achieved over the past decades with respect both to discoveries of new materials and to scholarly approaches to the field. The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology:

  • Edited by Sabine Schmidtke, Professor of Islamic Intellectual History, and Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. Sabine Schmidtke (D.Phil. University of Oxford) is Professor of Islamic Intellectual History at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. She has published extensively on Islamic and Jewish intellectual history.
  • Provides a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the latest scholarship on the development of Islamic Theology
  • Offers a variegated picture of the current state of the field and suggests new directions for future research
  • Features compelling case studies focusing on specific theological issues that have developed through the dilemmatic interactions between the different theological schools and thinkers
  • Discusses the impact of political and social developments on the theology

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Sabine Schmidkte
  • Part I: Islamic Theology (ies) during the formative and the Early Middle Period
  • Part II: Intellectual Interactions of Islamic theology (ies)-Four Case Studies
  • Part III: Islamic Theology (ies) During the Later Middle and Early Modern Period
  • Part IV: Political and Social History and its Impact on Theology: Four Case Studies
  • Part V: Islamic Theological Thought from the end of the Early Modern Period through the Modern Period

More information at: Oxford University Press Website

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