The Quran Mobile project


The Quran Mobile project

The Quran Mobile is a project of American Islamic Outreach Foundation (AIOF). It is designed to help the Muslim community to reach out and educate people about the nature of Islam.

AIOF serves to inform, educate, and dispel misconceptions about the Islamic Faith through outreach programs and community service and strives to do this with the values of Peace, Integrity, Respect, Awareness and most important with Collaboration.

The Quran mobile has served AIOF is such a great way and has received much support and positive feedback from the Charlotte community.

The Quran mobile:

• It is a “Moving Billboard”
• To promote the teachings of Islam.
• To remove the misconceptions of Islam.
• To increase the communication with the community.
• To engage in interfaith conversation with all the public.
• Allows distributing Islamic Literature to Muslim business.
• Fulfills Quran requests on the spot.

Source: American Islamic Outreach Foundation (AIOF)

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