UK Muslim leaders urge ‘respect for Islam’ after school incident


UK Muslim leaders urge ‘respect for Islam’ after school incident

British Muslim leaders will warn UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the country “could become like France” amid controversy over a school teacher sharing a picture of Prophet Muhammad with students.

The incident took place in Batley Grammar School, West Yorkshire, and leading Muslims have insisted on respect for Islam and demanded that the teacher be dismissed.

As part of the growing backlash, several Muslim parents have threatened to transfer their children to Islamic schools if the teacher at the center of the controversy remains in his position.

Muslim campaigners have vowed to continue protesting outside the school until the teacher is sacked.

The teacher who showed the image, reportedly a cartoon from the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, is a father of four.

He has been placed under police protection and neighbors say that his family have “not been seen since Thursday,” when protests began.

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