University of Bristol exonerates professor accused of Islamophobia


University of Bristol exonerates professor accused of Islamophobia

The University of Bristol, which recently sacked the pro-Palestine Professor David Miller, has now exonerated another lecturer accused of Islamophobia. In a ruling that has angered the university’s Islamic society (BRICSOC), the University of Bristol concluded that Law School Professor Steven Greer was not guilty of discrimination or harassment.

The university said: “Allegations made against Professor Greer centred around the content of an optional human rights module which he has taught for 15 years at the University… A QC appointed to review and advise on the content of the module found no evidence of Islamophobic speech and concluded that the material did not amount to discrimination or harassment and was intended as the basis for academic debate by the students who elected to study it.

Nearly 3,800 people signed a petition urging the University of Bristol to take swift action against Greer due to his alleged “use of discriminatory remarks and Islamophobic comments.” The petition said that law students reported that “Professor Greer frequently expresses views in his classes that can be deemed Islamophobic, bigoted and divisive.”

For example, the BRISOC said that Professor Greer provided justification for the Chinese government policy of targeting Uyghur Muslims by stating that “if a particular piece of legislation impacts disproportionately against a group, it looks ‘superficially’ like it is discrimination […] this is the case with China and Muslims in re-education camps.” They claimed he expanded on this by saying that “most difficulties [in reference to the Uyghur’s plight] stem from the Islamic influence upon it.”


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