Visit My Mosque day; A report


Visit My Mosque day; A report

The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) is pleased to report that the 4th consecutive Visit My Mosque day on Sunday was once again, a resounding success.

With over 200 mosques across the UK opening their doors to the public in an initiative launched by the Muslim Council of Britain in 2015 under the theme: Open Doors, Open Mosques, Open Communities, thousands were welcomed into their local mosques to get to know more about the facilities and the activities that take place within them, as well as the belief and ethical values that drive their respective congregations.

The day proved to be one of engagement, interaction, enlightenment and education, with mosques up and down the country proving their standing as pillars of their respective neighborhoods, strengthening the sense of unity and consolidating on the true meaning of community.

The day saw the Prime Minister Theresa May, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, along with countless MPs, Councilors, Mayors and Faith leaders, pay a visit to their local mosques and meeting with their local congregations.

The President of MAB, Anas Altikriti, believes that Visit My Mosque is gradually becoming a national day in the British calendar where “communities not only get to know their local mosques, but actually celebrate their crucial contribution to British life.”

Source: MAB Online

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